Being resistant to having a mobile-friendly website is a practice of many companies. Not seeing the real value comes from either lacking the resources or simply not being able to witness the great worth that it provides.

 If you feel the same about your company, not seeing the great benefits of a mobile website, we can help. In order for your strategy to be relevant in the following years to come, you should know the great advantages that a mobile website can bring to your business.

Google has adopted a whole new approach on diversifying the websites that hold a stable mobile presence and the ones that don’t.

 So, since Google is aware of it, shouldn’t you be as well?

As we previously mentioned, Google tends to label websites that are optimized in this technology. It simply labels them with a “mobile-friendly” tag, allowing you to see the real difference. Concerned with the mobile website is always the CTR, commonly known as the click through rate. This rate describes the impact to the audience that your website makes.

Let’s give a real example. If a ‘googler’ finds your website with a simple search on their mobile device, he/she can see the top 5 results being websites with the greatest “mobile friendly” label. The real effect of this is greater click through rates for the websites that are mobile friendly and placed among the top results, and less or none at for the ones living in the past.

Apart from the labeling, Google has a ranking for mobile friendly sites as well. Google is surely helping the users have a better mobile experience, by providing a real time service in which you can be aware of the strengths that the website you are looking for does or does not possess.

If you didn’t fall for the higher rankings and the greater click through rate, you will surely fall for this one.

The incentives of a mobile friendly websites cohere a lot with the revenue stream. Lacking a mobile friendly website in a world where mobile commerce is considered to be a newest trend will harm your pocket.

Customers are not willing to use their computers for purchasing products online like they did before. As the whole digital world is transforming in mobile, you must consider adapting to these trends. The prospective customers will always find the path of least resistance, which will lead to your website if you implement the mobile friendly way.


A mobile friendly website is part of every successful internet marketing strategy happening in 2015. It surely tends to complete the  fullomni-channel experience that you can offer to your customers. And they will notice it right away and react – with greater click through rates (CTRs), higher ratings, and most importantly, increased revenue.

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