If you would take two of the most appreciated smartphones on the market, will you choose other than  Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II?

We decided to make a comparison test between those two amazing phones. In a head to head competition, which you believe that will turn out to be the best?

Samsung vs AppleWe organized the competition on 7 different categories:

  • Design and finishing
  • Performance
  • Photo and video
  • Display
  • Web browsing
  • OS and apps
  • Battery

After we will compare all the performances obtained by the two competitors, we will be able to crown the winner and award it with the title of „Best smartphone on the market” 

Design and finishing 
It is very hard when it comes to choose between two very good looking phones. The fact that both allows you to pick either the black or the white version is not easing our decision. On a closer look, the main difference between the two candidates for the "best smartphone" trophy is represented by the size of the display.

Galaxy S II  has an amazing 4.3 in display (compared to the 3.5 in that iPhone 4S offers). But still,  the difference of screen sizes is not  determinant  for influencing our decision.  Despite  the fact that it’s a little bigger, the Galaxy S II is lighter than the iPhone.The Galaxy S II is only 8.49 mm thick (almost the size of an average pencil) and weights 116 g while it competitor is having 9.3 mm thickness and 140g.

The "crash test" showed us that even if the Samsung is thinner, it is the iPhone that is more fragile. We "accidentally dropped" the iPhone on a ceramic surface and unfortunately we noticed that the display was completely ruined.In the meantime, the Galaxy S II showed no visible damage when we applied the same treatment.

A big drop down  for the Samsung smart phone is represented by the cheap looking plastic cover on its back. iPhone scores even more points by presenting a glass effect finishing of the display, but, overall, we do believe that the winner of this category is the Samsung Galaxy S II


What we will  try to do is to decide the winner of this category not by identifying different features that might represent a plus for one or another smartphone. We will try to make an analyze based on the day-to-day performances.  If the design category was slightly won by the Samsung, here we will have a more difficult choice to make. The two competitor's scores are excellent when it comes about  speed. The  1.2GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 chip that powers Galaxy S II  and the Iphone 4S 's A5 dual-core processor are generating great performances for both of them. However, because every category must have a winner,  we have decided to award the iPhone due to a slightly  more rapidity in loading the applications. From these numbers Samsung looks to have one up on its bitter rival. This is far from the truth in reality, though. Navigating the interface and loading apps is smooth on both devices, but if we had to pick a winner we would choose the iPhone because we saw slightly less lag.

Photo and video
Let's say from the beginning that that main camera is similar for both of the devices. Equipped with an 8MP camera, helped by a LED flashlight, the quality of the images obtained by both of the two rivals is excellent. We couldn't actually decide which photos are better  so we moved on to the other features of the cameras.When you read the technical specifications of the two smartphones,  you will be tempted to award the

Samsung  Galaxy S II with the prize of "best camera", due  to the 2 MP camera situated on the front(compared to iPhone's VGA). But,  what we did was actually took the hundreds of test photo and videos using both of the competitors.

As I was saying upwards,   we figured that the front camera's battle will be easily won by the 2MP of Galaxy S II. But, when analyzing the photos produced by the VGA camera installed on the front panel of iPhone, we have completely changed our opinion. We did have a decision on these issue but the winner was not the Samsung device, as we initially believed.

The quality of the video images captured by both competitors is pretty much similar. Both devices can record 1080p quality video at 30fps but still the Iphone managed to win this category also by coming with a truly useful video stabilization feature.

As we did noticed in the "Design" section, Samsung's display screen is quite bigger comparing to the one installed on iPhone 4S. However,the images displayed on the iPhone's screen are simply amazing.  In all the cases, iPhone managed to impress the audience with clearer and color accurate images.  The cause of Apple smartphone's success is given by the 326 ppi images compared to 217 ppi the Samsung is providing. So, once again this category is won by the iPhone 4S

Web Browsing

One of the most important and most used applications of any smartphone is the web browser. In this category,despite the smooth navigation and the perfectly managed scroll and zoom options, the iPhone loses due to the lack of Flash support. That means you cannot see any Flash based websites, games or applications. We find this unacceptable and, as a consequence this category is won by far  by Samsung Galaxy S II that also has an amazing behavior due to the larger screen.

Operating systems and applications

The Iphone 4S comes pre-loaded with IOS 5 while Galaxy S II uses the Android 2.3 Gingerbread software. Even if  Android provides more customization options and a larger number of applications,  IOS 5 proves itself to be stable and very ingenious. The applications for the iPhone 4S are more secure and are offering higher quality while the Android applications are not always useful and stable.
The voice activation system that iPhone 4S offers is astonishing. It feels like having a friend, a confident or mainly a personal assistant available at any minute.
The higher stability, the voice systems and raised security makes us decide that Apple's OS is the winner of this category.

If on any other domains it was very hard for us to define the winner, due to the very well balanced qualities, now it's very hard to find the winner due to the lack of performances in this domain. If you ever figured that, when you will buy such an advanced device, you will have to charge it once in a week…well that was awfully wrong! The huge displays, the increased number of applications and the other devices installed on these  two phones, makes the battery to be drained in only few hours. Still we have found a slight advantage for the Samsung Galaxy S II so we will declare it as being the winner of this category

Choosing between these excellent smartphones was never an easy thing to do. Both of them have qualities brought almost to perfection by the engineers of Apple and Samsung. If we didn't proposed ourselves from the beginning to choose only one winner, for sure we would of declared both of them champions.
But , having the advantages of having a better image, a better camera and benefiting of a better operating system, we declare Apple iPhone 4S "the smartphone of the year "
Nevertheless, this does no mean that Galaxy S II is not a very good smartphone, and that we do not recommend you to acquire one for your pocket Even more, we guarantee . that no matter which one you will choose, you will be more than satisfied with their usability, their design and their performances.

Wish you a great day!

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