Yesterday, the disaster stroke the Caribbean state of Haiti under the shape of massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake. In a matter of seconds, the full country was devastated.

The dimensions of the disaster are still unclear but there are fears thousands of people may have been buried under the remains of the buildings .

Also a “large number” of UN personnel were reported missing by the organisation. Most of the people have spent the night outside due to the fear provoked by the large number of aftershocks. The Red Cross reports that up to three million people have been affected.

The material damages provoked by the earthquake are immense but the most important lost is the huge number of human lifes ended in this disaster

A wide number of nations, including the US, UK and Venezuela, have already announced they will send aid to the affected areas.

Only few buildings managed to escape from this catastrophic seismic movements, so most of the people remained have now nowhere to sleep or to go.

Words cannot express the feelings of the people that survived the cataclysm. Most of them lost all their families, their homes and everything they ever cared for. I wonder how much power you need to pass moments like this. They need all the support we can give them now.

Please do not hesitate to send help in the area. We are joining the citizens of the Haitian nation and we express our condolences and our moral support for them. Hope that God will forget the sins of the lost people and support the ones that left. From my point of view, all the survivors of this catastrophe are real heroes. Wish them all the strength they need to pass those horrible moments.

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