A record number of iPads and Mac computers were sold in the last 3 months says Apple Apple. But still,  iPhone haven't met the previsions of the Wall Street specialists for the third quarter of 2011. 

logo for appleApple sold 17 million iPhones, having a 16%  sales dropping compared to the second quarter of 2011 when they managed to sell  20.3 million iPhones. The main cause of not meeting the expectancies might be represented by the announcement of "iPhone 5" launching (initially waited in July). Based on diverse rumors, people were expecting this fall a brand new iPhone, while Apple managed to launch only an improved version of iPhone4. Even if 4S is the best iPhone created until now, still there are many people that were truly shocked that Apple had come only with an improved version of their previous creation.Apple's vice-president

Actually , Peter Oppenheimer (Apple's CFO) declared on Tuesday conference that  "As a result of new product rumors, sales did decline, especially in the second half of the quarter as speculation intensified,"

Even so,  the brand new iPhone 4S was sold in almost 4 millions copies in only three days since it was launched, almost the double of how much iPhone 4managed to sell after it was released in 2010. Business analysts claim that the huge sales that 4S managed to obtain in this short time were caused by thenew iPhone 4S fact that people were waiting for a new iPhone since July. This is why, in the third quarter of 2011 iPhone4 sales were disappointing.

"My first thought when I heard the four million [iPhone 4S] sold was, well those were four million they didn't sell last quarter," said Gottheil (business analyst at Technology Business Research). "They were just deferred sales, pent up demand."

The unexpected sales of iPhone 4S caused a supply shortage for Apple. Nobody figured that, after the disaster called iPhone 4, the improved version of the same model will manage to bring such huge sales withapple sales per productin few days. The official launching programmed in Oct. 22  for 22 other countries will increase even more the demand for a new 4S version of this smartphone.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple shows his confidence that they will manage to solve this problem in the shortest time: "We're confident that we will have a large supply, but I don't want to predict when supply and demand might balance because the demand is obviously extremely high right now, But I'm confident that we will set an all-time record for iPhone this quarter"

 If the reality will confirm the sayings of Cook, than Apple will set a new milestone in the branch. A milestone that will be almost impossible to break.

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