AHS Incubator

Business incubators are companies / organizations geared toward speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage companies. They are one of the best path to capital from angel investors, state governments and other investors.

Each business incubator site offers the tools, training and infrastructure in order to help you meet your business need.

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Incubators can vary in their strategies. Some are located in an actual physical space office meant to foster networking among entrepreneurs and their coaches. Others operate as virtual offices .
Incubators sometimes are call accelerators instead, when they’re geared toward jumpstarting businesses that are more developed.

An incubator can offer services such as accountants and lawyers, coaching and networking connections through the staff and other entrepreneurs at the incubator.

The AHS Incubator has three objectives:

  • Educating participants about the process of new-venture development in order to improve their potential for future entrepreneurial success;
  • Fostering the formation and development of start-up businesses to break even cash flow or significant third-party investment support;
  • Creating an entrepreneurial community to give participants the experience of learning through mutual support, a process critical for successful entrepreneurship.


Using our business Incubator your business not only gets access to a potential pallette of capital choices, but also a host of many benefits including mentorship, expertise and networking. It is always important to find an incubator that is the best fit for your business.

Incubator Application

You can apply online through our contact form, or you can send us an email to: If you have any specific questions about the process you can addresses it in our contact form our to our email.

Using our Incubator you can get!

  • Office space: printing, supplies, accommodations
  • Legal services: incorporation, legal agreements, IP
  • Accounting: access to accounting professionals
  • Mentorship: support from experts in the field
  • Networking: Local entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs


Here’s what you have to commit!

  • 12 months to launch company
  • Full-time 10-week summer commitment to preceding accelerator program at the AHS Office in Bucharest(Romania) , Boca Raton (Florida) or Walnut Creek (California)
  • Active participation and commitment to entrepreneurship
  • A hearty appetite for pizza and long hours
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